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11 things to do during Ramadan fasting 

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The Islamic fasting, popularly known as Ramadan, is around the corner. It is a holy month in which Muslim faithful observe fasting from sunrise till sunset. During this practice,  no sexual intercourse between couple and there absolute abstenance from eating or drinking. It is a spiritual act that draws the Muslims to the Almighty Allah.

In line with the foregoing, underlisted are some of the acts muslims engage in during the only months to amass massive rewards from Allah.

1. Muslims are encouraged to take their Sahur (early morning meal) towards sunset. This act attracts rewards from Allah.

2. Frequent recitation of the only Quran. Muslims must endeavour to constantly recite their Quran, be it translation, transcription, or audio.

3. After a long period of fasting, Muslims are fond of breaking their fasting with cold drinks, this habit, according to medical findings, is not a healthy one as it negatively affects wellbeing. So, it is advised that one takes warm water before taking any other things such as fruit and so on.

4. Muslims must abstain from obscene or provocative behaviour or material such as anti-Islamic music, videos, or media content.

5. It is an excellent idea if Muslims can immerse in generosity during the most blessed month.

6. Tahajud (Vigil) is another rewarding religious act that a muslim must partake in every night or during midnight.

7. Muslims are charged not to delay fast breaking when it is time to do so.

8. Kindness is a virtue often preached in Islam, but it is encouraged most during Ramadan.

9. Muslims must listen to Islamic in order to be close to Allah.

10. Muslims must not delay the five obligatory prayers.

11. As Muslims we must do everything possible to ensure that we do not engage in backbiting, slandering. We need to strive to have modesty in our speech, dressing and way of life during and after Ramadan.

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