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Abia Assembly Member-elect denies Yoruba origin

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The Labour Party candidate elected to represent Umuahia Central Constituency in Abia State, Anthony Chinasa, has denied claim of his purported Yoruba lineage.

Reacting to a viral video online, ascribing the cognomen of “Abiola” to his Yoruba ancestral lineage, the member-elect clarified that he is a full fledge Igbo man without any ethnic affinity to Yoruba.

Earlier speaking, the newly elected lawmaker pointed out that “Abiola” is only his nickname, expressing surprise as his opponents are using the appellation to twist his ethnic origin in order to score cheap political points.

“The Yoruba name in my name is something I enjoy. I am enjoying because it is making waves for my friend in who is contesting for governor in Lagos State. For me, i didn’t have to debunk it. I am a full fledge Igbo man, full fledge Ibeku man. Mother, father Igbo.

“The Yoruba in my name is just a guy name.”

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