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Defection in Offa: PDP is “celebrating a supposed shameful exit of offenders” – APC

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The All Progressives Congress (APC) has the described the recent defection of the party’s 10 aggrieved ward chairmen in Offa Local Government Area of Kwara State to the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) as a “shameless show of comedy”.

The party, through its secretary in Offa Local Government Area made this disclosure in a press release made available to newsmen, Friday, February 3.

APC, thereby tagged the exodus of the supposed disgruntled chieftains as “arrangee defection of a group of people covertly working for the opposition party.

“This shamelsss comedy show is nothing but a desperate attempt at saving face following the resignation tsunami that has been hitting their party and throwing it off balance, especially a few days to the election. Otherwise, there is no basis for the ‘arrangee’ defection of a group of people who had for a long time been working hand in hand with them.

The secretary further described the defectors as political traders who have no political influence and were constituting great liabilities to the party.

“To be clear, the so-called former ward chairmen are unknown to Offa APC, as they have long been suspended for anti-party activities. They are opposition elements and political merchants whose stock-in-trade is political grandstanding. They have no political influence in our community and have nothing to offer PDP than being huge liabilities to them.

The secretary, however, maintained that the decampees were sent packing from the party for perpetrating anti party activities, therefore knocking the PDP for “celebrating a supposed shameful exit of offenders.”

“Following the discovery of their anti-party activities, which they were actually carrying out for pecuniary gains, they were investigated, they confessed and got appropriately sanctioned by our party. We therefore consider it a blatant falsehood and mischief to attempt to score cheap political point by celebrating a supposed shameful exit of offenders in our party by attempting to associate such elements with our party long after we have shown them the way out with verifiable records including video recordings of the disciplinary committee proceedings.

“We therefore advise the political merchants who packaged the dacamping movie to cover their faces in shame and refund whatever funds they collected from their dying party at a time when they should be making contributions to it in order to save it from the throes of death if they were but loyal party men. But what can one expect from an assemblage of political Yahoo Yahoo elements whose objective is to seize the instrument of governance to enrich themselves. Everyone is in a free for all as they scramble for the scarce resources at hand, especially since it dawned on them that their godfathers will not fund their party with what they call their personal funds. It’s only when they are in control of government funds that they answer the titles of philanthropists, financiers, development enthusiasts, etc.”

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