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DR Congo floods, landslide kill over 400 villagers

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Over 400 people have died as a result of the floods that devastated South Kivu province in the Democratic Republic of Congo over the weekend.

The provincial governor of the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo Theo Kasi, on Monday, made this disclosure while feeding questions from newsmen, though he didn’t give further details.

He revealed that the flood had become one of the most dangerous natural phenomena in recent times.

Reports confirmed that the developments have affected more than 8,800 people in Congo, with the Congolese Red Cross saying of the 274 people buried so far, 98 were women and 82 were children.

Sources within the Local civil society maintained that more corpses were being recovered within the vicinity on Monday, making the death toll soar higher.

Meanwhile, many dead bodies had been wrapped in bags and piled into graves for mass burial over the weekend.

The unfortunate incident also affected villages of Bushushu and Nyamukubi in Kalehe territory, South Kivu province, on Thursday night after days of torrential rain, causing landslides as rivers broke their banks.

Not less than 176 people have lost their lives on Friday as humanitarian workers continue dig out the remains of the wreaked villages to recover bodies covered with mud from the debris with several others still missing.

A Civil society representative, Christian Bazibuhe said the flood is the worst ever witnessed.

According to her “It is the worst flood we have ever had, bodies were still floating on Lake Kivu.

“The central government in Kinshasa has not yet communicated a death toll. It has sent a delegation to Kalehe and declared Monday a day of national mourning,” she said.l

The United Nations’ humanitarian agency OCHA on Sunday stressed that about 270 fatalities had been recorded so far with more than 300 people still unaccounted for, while around 3,000 families have lost their homes.

Also, United Nations climate experts said that warming temperatures caused by climate change are increasing the intensity and frequency of Africa’s rains

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