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Elon Musk may resign as Twitter CEO

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Twitter’s owner, Elon Musk, has hinted at the possibility of stepping down as the Chief Executive Officer of the micro-blogging company less than two months into its acquisition.

Musk had set up a poll through his official account Sunday night asking tweeps to vote on whether he should give up his position as Twitter’s CEO, assuring that he would respect the poll’s outcome.

He tweeted, “Should I step down as head of Twitter? I will abide by the results of this poll.”

As of Monday morning, with about six hours to the end of the poll, “Yes” was winning by a margin of 56.3% to 43.7%.

series of controversies have trailed his acquisition of the ‘ blue app’ in late October, 2022.

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After purchasing the company for $44 billion from its former CEO, Jack Dorsey, Musk began to make some controversial changes to the company’s policy and personnel.

He sacked several of Twitter’s top officials and half of the company’s manpower upon taking charge as CEO.

He gave the remaining staff a deadline that they needed to do “extremely hardcore” work or exit the firm, an action that had forced many of the remaining workers out of the company.

The new owner sacked employees who openly criticized his policies or tweets.

Musk announced the commercialisation of the verification badge on the social media platform, a policy which generated a lot of backlashed from tweeps.

He initially proposed a $20 monthly subscription fee for the blue but he later slashed to $8.

He has frequently changed Twitter’s rules by executive fiat and with no prior notice he has banned tweeps who violated his new rules.

Following a brawl with host of a Twitter space, Musk deactivated the feature from the app, was, however, restored after a barrage of complaints from users.

Musk, however, issued apology, saying every major policy change would be decided by polls.

He wrote, “Going forward, there will be a vote for major policy changes. My apologies. Won’t happen again.”

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