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Family members celebrate Dr. Bello as he attains professorial rank

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A Kwara State College of Education lecturer, Dr. Ganiyu Bello has attained the rank of professorship in the field of Biology Education at the University of Ilorin.

“Alhamdulilahi Robilialami. I am probably the happiest person currently on earth, few days ago, he called me to break the news, the upright man in him didn’t let him become overjoyed as he cautioned me that it has not become official yet. Late hours on thursday, he apprised me he is now a full fledge following official announcement from the university,” Biola Bello posted on her facebook handle.

Dr. Adebayo says, “I grew up knowing him as Dr Bello. That was exactly 26 years ago when he obtained his PhD in Field of Biology Education. He was a secondary school teacher when he completed his PhD. My dad is one of those persons that I know is hardworking honest and dedicated to service. These virtues have made a lot of people have misconceptions about his nature.”

“Luckily, few years down the line, he got an appointment into university of Ilorin as LECTURER I. as at that time, a large number of his students had become professors in the University of Ilorin. Many were skeptical that he should not have transferred his service to the university as age was not on his side to rise to the peak.

“I asked him privately one day, I said why all this stress, starting up as a junior lecturer in the university is a whole lot of drawback. He replied”, “Bayo I have to set a good precedent for the family, which will enable you all to progress in your academics. I have to take the lead to motivate you to strive for more, I have the belief that someday I will become a professor, now that I am in the university system, this will encourage all the young Bellos in our family to want to supercede the records I have set. He continued, “most of you were relaxing these days, with your attention diverted to business. In short all I can deduce from our discussion was that, he is enduring the stress to start up again in the university and become a professor, just to motive and encourage us, and also to give us a good face in the academic community and Ilorin Emirates at large. He had few years to do this, before retirement age pick him up”

Other family members have joined Professor Ganiyu Bello to celebrate his new academic rank and pray Allah for guidance throughout his lifetime.

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