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How APC supporters were disenfranchised in southeast – Ginika Tor

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Loyalist of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) from Enugu State Hon. Ginika Tor at the weekend revealed how she was intimidated by party supporters in the Southeast during the last general elections.

She claimed, “should it not be for protest votes and sentiment of religion, Tinubu would have garnered more votes in the region.”

The Enugu born politician notes that APC supporters were not only physically attacked but religious leaders were alleged to have incited people against voting Tinubu.

Tor further maintained that APC supporters in her village were prevented from going to their various polling units over fear harassment.

She said: “Some of them (voters) could not even look me in the eyes in Enugu state. If we check, my unit votes could be the highest. Some people could not even go to their unit as they were afraid of being killed. Some people’s houses were burnt. That shows you the level the Labour Party took this election.

“They were instructed by the Parish Priest—they were mandated not to vote for any other party but Obi. I feel that is wrong because they were taking the undue influence of someone you have a spiritual relationship. And that should stop.

“I want to make this plea to every religious head, please don’t play god, you said God should give you a leader and he has given you a leader, and you want to be god.

“I wonder how people can come into the election with a mindset that it must be only one candidate. If you know it is only you, what was the calculation that you made on the ground that it could be only you? Is it just religious sentiment or ethnic bias? Some of us are not carried away by that. We look at antecedent.

“At this point, we need a man that can change the narrative and the only thing they hold against this man is age—I have done my research—and health.

“Should it not be for protest votes and sentiments of religion, but I used to tell my people that God used the foolish thing of this world to confound the wise.

“For the talk of Muslim/Muslim ticket, we have been having Muslim/Christian votes in Nigeria, and Nigerians still complain. God will now use something that looks strange to change our situation in this country, that is my belief.”

“We at OPI/Igbo Kwenu for Asiwaju/Shettima look forward to continuing supporting the programs and policies of the Asiwaju-led Federal Government to deliver dividends of democracy to our teeming people and we shall concert our efforts to peacebuilding amongst the parts of Nigeria towards the unity and prosperity of Nigeria.“

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