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I went through a lot before making it in life – YPP gubernatorial candidate, Gobir

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Gubernatorial candidate of the Young Progressives Party (YPP), in Kwara State, Waziri Yakubu Gobir revealed that life was not easy for him after completing his first degree, despite hailing from aristocratic family.

Gobir made this mind-blowing revelation during a youth programme held at M&M Event Centre, Ilorin, the capital city of Kwara State.

According to him, he resigned at Pfizer to establish a private company after securing franchise from Swatch, a Swiss watchmaker.

The Madawaki of Ilorin said, “I was nineteen once. In September 1985, I had just finished my pharmacy degree at Ahmadu Bello University. My first job was with Pfizer in Lagos. The factory was in Oregun (Ikeja), and I lived with my parents on Osborne Road in Ikoyi.

He furthered, “I would leave home at 5 am every morning, walk for 30 minutes to Ikoyi Hotel, where I would get a ‘kabu kabu’ to Obalende. At Obalende, I would take a ‘molue’ to Adekunle bus stop in Yaba. Jump onto another molue to Palmgrove, and then another to Ojota. I would then cross the overhead bridge in front of Philips, Ojota. My last ride was a ‘danfo’ to Clay bus stop. It was about another 30-minute walk to the Pfizer factory premises behind the Lagos State Secretariat in Alausa. I was always on time for work at 8 am. It was the same journey back when we closed at 5pm. My salary was N250.”

“I send business plan to Swatch to hand their marketing in Nigeria. They later send representative to engage me in Nigeria and subsequently invited me to Switzerland for further interactions.

“Much like many of you, I went through all the challenges of trying to make ends meet so that I can have a brighter future. With hard work, determination, passion, and support from people around me who recognise my talent and penchant for deep thinking and innovation – I am where I am today.

He boasted that he has been able to take his business from the scratch to a greater height.

Gobir further explored the occasion to canvass support for himself, thereby charging the teeming Kwaran youth at the entrepreneurship programme to entrust him with their mandate during the forthcoming 2023 general elections.

“Twenty-six years after starting my own business from next to nothing, we are gathered today to talk about another big dream – a dream to change the course of our dear Kwara State for a better future, one that is capable of fulfilling our individual and collective hopes and aspirations”.

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