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It’s nothing new – Tinubu downplays drug trafficking allegation

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The Peoples Gazette, an online newspaper Tuesday, November 8, 2022, published a document detailing Tinubu’s alleged indictment in drug deals and receipt of illegal money while in the U.S.

The 56-page document alleged that Tinubu faced conviction on narcotics charges in the US, especially with the revelation that he forfeited up to $460,000 to the U.S. authorities in 1993.

Peoples Gazette reported that the latest certified copies of the court case, obtained on August 10, showed Mr. Tinubu and two others named K.O. Tinubu and Alhaji Mogati were involved in banking proceeds of illicit drugs and money laundering with Heritage Bank and Citibank. It was not immediately clear whether or not ‘Alhaji Mogati’ was a misspelling of Alhaja Abibatu Mogaji, Mr. Tinubu’s foster mother, who passed on in 2013.

Kalu Kalu Agu, an Abuja-based lawyer had petitioned the EFCC and NDLEA, Nigerian anti-graft and anti-narcotics departments, respectively, to probe Mr. Tinubu’s involvement in the drug charges before the presidential elections in February.

However, Tinubu’s spokesperson, Bayo Onanuga in an interview on Tuesday evening denied any wrongdoing and blamed the media for “recycling the news even when it’s nothing new.”

Bayo said “it’s dead as dodo (roasted plantain) wondering why you journalists will continue to do the story.

“It resurfaced before the primary (presidential) and now again. It is nothing new. It’s dead. It’s as dead as a dodo,” he said.

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