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Lady who recited Quran in provocative dress apologises 

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Sofiah Olamide, a lady that was seen reciting the muslims’ holy book (Al-Quran) fluently in a viral video online recently has apologised to the muslim community.

The City Gazette recalls that a video emerged on the internet few days ago, in which a lady, wearing a cleavage-revealing dress was accosted by an interviewer, asking her to recite any verse of her choice from the holy Quran.

Surprising, Sofiah recited the verses with apt Tajweed (it’s is a set of rules to help readers recite the Quran in the same way that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) learned from Jibreel.)

Sofiah, who pleaded with the muslim community to forgive her wrongdoing, claiming she never thought the video would eventually go viral as it was just made for fun in front of her parents’ house.

Pleading on behalf of Sofiah, a popular Islamic influencer, Kajue Baba noted that the young lady had since realised her mistakes, maintaining that she has regretted her actions and thereby promised not to involve in provocative dressing any longer.

Since emergence of the videos, the young lady has come under heavy criticism from different quarters while some praised her social life.

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