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My administration has been fair to all ethnic groups ― Zulum

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Borno State Governor, Professor Babagana Zulum has dispelled insinuation that his administration marginalises minority ethnic groups with specific mention of the Bura tribe in the southern part of the state.

Zulum reacted to the marginalisation claim by Professor Hassan BD liya on Monday, at Marama town in Hawul Local Government Area of the State.

The Governor, “for somebody like me, I think it is an insult on me for somebody to talk about marginalization, looking at the numbers of mega projects that we have initiated to this very important Local Government Area.

Zulum said, despite being of Kanuri extraction, he has treated every minority tribe with fairness.

“For me, I think Borno State is one, yes I am Kanuri by tribe and under no circumstances, since I assumed office as the Governor of Borno State, have I decided to sideline any tribe in Borno.

“I was not happy with the speech of one of your elders, because this administration has performed better in Southern Borno than even in Northern Borno”.

He, however, boasted that his administration holds the record for appointing the first Christian Head of Service.

“This is for the first time the Borno government had a Christian head of service, I believed we are doing our best but we are all human beings, if there is anything wrong we did to the Bura community, we will rectify our mistake by God’s grace”.

“What we did in terms of capital projects in this part of the state is not obtainable in Borno Central and Northern Borno, we constructed so many roads and primary healthcare, we built various mega schools including Biu high Islamic school, we built several churches, we empowered your women and youths with capital and skills acquisition, among other things, all in Bura community”.

“I built the ultra-modern market in Kwaya Kusar, I built a police station, I offer a scholarship to thousands of students in this community, I built a vocational centre in Marama and hospital” Zulum stated.

He, thereby, warned against divisive speeches that could hamper the unity of the state.

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