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Nigeria needs aggressive investments in health sector – AMLSN

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Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria, AMLSN, has berated the Nigerian politicians for seeking medical attention overseas.

The association claimed that, with immense investment in the health sector, the country would emerge a tourist destination.

The leadership of the association also condemned the alarming rate of brain drain in the country’s health sector, citing reasons to include poor leadership of the health sector, corruption, poor emoluments among many others.

“For the umpteenth time, NEC frowns at thriving tendencies of medical tourism by Nigerians, especially the political class. It has been estimated that Nigeria spends about N664bn yearly on medical tourism.

“This is indeed a huge loss of foreign exchange and a drain on the country’s foreign reserve.

“These amounts, when invested in the Nigeria health sector, will not only make it competitive with world hospitals, but will make Nigeria a health tourism destination since the so-called world-class hospitals in developed countries are manned by Nigerian health professionals.

“Consequently, we call on the Federal Government through the Central Bank of Nigeria and the Bank of Industry, to provide financial support through special intervention funds for private sector investment for healthcare delivery, and especially building of mega and High-tech medical laboratories that can be globally competitive both in technology and test spectrum.

“NEC observed with sadness the continuous human capital flight that has escalated to an alarming proportion. In 2022 alone the nation lost about 906 medical laboratory scientists to human capital flight.

AMLSN further stated that the the health sector budget should meet the African Union standard which must not be less than 15per cent of member nations’ annual budgets.

The association charged incoming administration to set a new narrative in the sector, “So far we have perused through the health agenda of manifestoes of the leading candidates in the elections and we are concerned that some are lacking in depth, scope and strategy.

“We hereby call on the candidates to reassess the situation on ground and enrich their Healthcare agenda for the nation.”

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