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Nollywood actress, Kabirah Kafidipe loses dad

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Famous Nigerian actress and producer, Kabirah Kafidipe has lost her biological father.

The talented thespian announced the demise of her father, Alhaji Jimoh Adebowale, who joined his ancestors in the wee hours of Saturday, May 13, at age 93.

While announcing the death of nonagenarian father, Kafidipe took to her official Instagram account, saying, “Inalillahi waina ilayhi rajiun. With heavy heart and full gratitude to the Almighty Allah, the family of Kafidipe of Lugbekan compound, Ikereku, Abeokuta hereby announce the passing away of their illustrious son, father, grandfather and great father, Alhaji Jimoh Adebowale Akanbi Kafidipe aged 93 years.”

The Nollywood star was widely known in the Nigerian movie industry as Araparegangan in the 1999 Nigerian political drama titled”Saworo Idẹ” added that her beloved father died early Saturday in his house (at Abeokuta) following a brief illness.

“Until his death, he was the Balogun, Ikereku Abeokuta Muslims, Bada of Oke Ona Egba and the Alaga Adeeni of Egbaland e.t.c. He is survived by his wives, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

“Burial by Egbaland Muslim Ummah at his residence, Ikereku Abeokuta by 4:00 pm (Saturday, May 13).

“Announcer: Alhaji Fatai Alani Kafidipe, Baajiki Adeeni of Egbaland and Secretary General, Egbaland Muslim Organizations. Ma Sallam”, she added, in a post monitored by Muslim News Nigeria.

The must-watch drama, Saworoide exemplifies the setting of an old Yoruba way of life in the town of Jogbo, where a person can not be crowned king, except he undergoes ritual rites, involving the beating of saworoide (English: brass bell talking drum). The movie was rated as one of the 10 best sellers in the Yoruba film industry.

‘Kafidipe’s made her debut in “The White Handkerchief,” a short film adapted from The Virgin, a debut novel of Bayo Adebowale, produced and directed by Tunde Kelani but gained stardom when she appeared in Saworoide, a 1999 Nigerian film alongside Kunle Afolayan (known in the movie as Aresejabata), Peter Fatomilola, Kola Oyewo, Yemi Shodimu.

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