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NUT berate non payment of salaries to 300 Kaduna teachers

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The Chairman of the Nigerian Union of Teachers, NUT, Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State, Syrus Hassan, revealed that about 300 teaching staff have not been paid for several months.

He made this claim while feeding questions from journalists during a conference on Friday, February 17, in Kaduna.

Hassan lamented poor welfare packages of teachers in the state, noting that some of them had not been received their entitlements for a very long time.

He maintained that it was not enough for the government to organise capacity building trainings for teachers, but there was need for them to be paid their wages.

“The conference was educative and would add value, dignity and respect to teachers who found their way to the conference,” he said, adding that it was to enlighten and update their (teachers) knowledge on modern techniques.

“The government has tried its best in educating teachers for making it important for them to see the need to improve knowledge and attend workshops.

“Actually, to say the truth, teachers are still lacking behind in terms of welfare. We want to thank them, but up till now some teachers are still not getting one or two benefits and incentives like leave grants for years but we know that it cannot go round.

“We’ve been pressing on to see that the teachers are paid but up till now, we still have a number of them that have not been paid for several months.

“Unpaid teachers are up to about 300,” he lamented, calling on the government to pay the wages of teachers who are owed salary arrears, as he blamed the development on bureaucratic bottleneck and long process procedures.

“Some of the old teachers are having certificate saga. It was realised that their certificate had issues. Some have been cleared and approvals were given (for them) to be paid, but till now, they have not been paid. Non-teaching staff members like security workers, nannies amongst others, and regular employees, have also not been paid for almost two years now.”

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