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Ojuekun Rally Attack: We don’t breed thugs in our party – Kwara PDP to APC

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The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has debunked, in a clear term, the allegation from some loyalists of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), that one Ojulari, who was intercepted from unleashing mayhem on Mallam Mukhtar Shagaya, APC candidate for the Ilorin West/Asa Federal Constituency seat in the House of Representatives in the forthcoming general elections is a member of the PDP.

The attacker was identified as a member of the Aye Confraternity.

The clarification was contained in a press statement signed by Kwara state PDP publicity secretary, Prince Tunji Moronfoye Tuesday, January 31.

Part of the statement read, “The Peoples Democratic party (PDP) have become aware of a recent story making media rounds, of an alleged cultist & thug “Ojulari” who was accosted by private citizens and handed over to the police, at the campaign ground of the House of representatives candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for the Ilorin west and Asa federal constituency, Mal. Muktar Shagaya. The thug was allegedly armed with dangerous weapons and assorted charms.”

He further noted that aides of the governor were quick to tagged the attacker a member of the PDP to impress their principal.

“According to the story, “Ojulari” had confessed to being a PDP member and some media aides of the executive Governor of Kwara state in their desperation to impress their rapidly sinking principal, had decided to put a spin on the story by claiming in a libelous manner that, the alleged thug and renown cultist was a “Saraki dynasty assassin” out to murder Mal. Muktar Shagaya, the APC house of representatives candidate. Nothing could be more further from the truth.”

Moronfoye, in the statement, described the insinuation as ploy to discredit former Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki.

“It is obvious that the nefarious APC media E-rats were trying to replicate their pre 2019 elections lies and vile repugnant propaganda, from the darkest pit of hell. The pre 2019 propaganda of trying unsuccessfully to frame the PDP leader, Dr. Abubakar ‘Bukola Saraki (CON) for the tragic Offa robbery where over 30 innocent souls lost their lives (May their gentle souls, continue to rest in peace, amen). The lies and Putrid Propaganda of the APC has been clearly debunked as the court case involving the Offa robbery suspects progresses in court. In addition to the above, the principal investigating officer of the Offa robbery case, Mr. Abba Kyiari is currently incarcerated in jail for his purported rogue, extra judicial actions and alleged drug trafficking.

“We at the PDP have to complement the official Twitter account of Mal. Muktar Shagaya, that refuted this nauseating story. We have no doubt about the candidate’s family pedigree and his good intentions. However, he is with a sinking party, that is destined to lose the forth coming general elections. The apparent mass rejection of the APC and their failure nationally already points to this undisputable fact.

“The PDP can categorically say that “Ojulari” isn’t a registered member of the PDP, as we neither harbor thugs and cultists nor do we encourage thuggery in any shape or form. We leave that to the Kwara APC. We have seen numerous occasions in the past where thuggery and primordial violence were on display at various APC functions in Kwara state.

“We at the PDP put it to the purveyors of such lies and putrid propaganda that Dr. Abubakar ‘Bukola Saraki (CON) has already petitioned the inspector General of police (IGP) to investigate and prosecute the people who were responsible for this defamatory story and those who have been peddling such without confirmation, all over the social media space.

“In conclusion, we exhort Nigerians and Kwarans to ignore the “dying horse’s” last kicks shenanigans of the unfortunate Kwara state APC regime and vote in the PDP, from top to bottom in the fast approaching general elections. It is already clear that the 8 year torment of Nigerians must come to an end with the rejection of the APC regime both at the national and state level.”

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