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PDP leadership are not ready for reconciliation – Ortom says

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Gov. Ortom

Governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom, Thursday, said leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party are not ready to reconcile with the disgruntled governors under the platform.

He also said the party leadership would be liable for any negative eventuality, noting the party chairman, Sen. Iyorchia Ayu chairman is not doing the right to meet the demands of the G5 governors.

Ortom said this while interacting with journalists on Thursday.

“So, no efforts by the leadership of our party have been able to address the issues that we are raising. They have not been able to adopt methods that will pacify and placate the G5. This is not right. So, on the G5, that is where we are.

“Arrogance, impunity, mischief, will not really help matters. One will expect that humility, it is said that you stoop down to conquer even if you want to make it,” Ortom said.

The governor maintained that the party’s hierarchy could have pre-empted the current crisis rocking it.

“There are many ways if you have proactive leadership, a leadership that is humble. But when you treat people like they call us that ‘they are children’. I mean, a man of 62, how is he a child? A man at 50, how is he a child? But none of us are less than 40 years. We are leaders in our own right. Our people elected us. You can’t just sit in Abuja and make this kind of a thing.

“We are committed to issues of integrity, issues of fairness, equity, and justice.”

He claimed, “I think we are on course as far as I’m concerned with our group (G5). As faithful party men, we have given enough time. And we are told that the failed leadership at the national level will take advantage of the opportunity we have given them to address those issues.

“There are many ways of addressing issues even when you are not able to meet the demands of a group or individuals. But when people decide to be arrogant, and mischievous and do things as if the other person does not exist and try to do some things with impunity, as if they have won the election, and they don’t need any other person, it becomes a problem.”

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