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Pipe Dream” comment: Brymo apologises to Igbo

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Nigerian hip-hop musician, Brymo has expressed remorse for insulting the Igbo race.

About 8000 people sought the disqualification of Brymo from the 8th All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) for making vulgar speeches against the Igbo tribe.

Brymo’s critics wanted his disqualification to serve as a caution to the musician.

The singer through his Instagram page on Friday, Brymo condemned Chimamanda Adichie for honouring a chieftaincy title in her hometown, yet shunning a national award.

He furthered that he is a supporter of Igbo presidency in the past few years and was only against the Ndi Igbo movement, which he dislikes.

He said, “It is very important you understand that this entire fracas began with me seeing in the media that Chimamanda Adichie refused some national honours and had picked up some traditional title in the East at home.

“I have clamoured for Igbo presidency in the last few years, you wouldn’t believe it.

“I said, ‘Fuck Ndi’Igbo to hell with it – the ‘it’ refers to the peddlers of the movement i.e people championing for it.”

He further said, “I did not insult the tribe, I’m sorry to anyone who it sounded as such to. I was trying to weigh into a very important matter.”

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