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Popular US rapper, DJ Khalid sheds tears on first visit to Mecca with Mike Tyson

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Popular American Disc Jockey DJ Khalid breaks down in tears as he enters Mecca for the first time with Mike Tyson Video 1

Renowned American disc jockey and rapper, Khaled Mohammed Khaled, called DJ Khalid by his enthusiasts could not hide his emotions the moment he entered Mecca for the first time.

The clip surfaced on social media as it triggered several reactions among internet users.

47-year-old DJ Khalid who was born and raised in New Orleans, USA, became uncontrollably emotional as he shed tears while he stepped into the holy land, Mecca in Saudi Arabia with Mike Tyson and the father of the American boxer.

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DJ Khalid’s financial worth is estimated around $75 Million.

The Arabian born superstar who released his 13th album “God Did” in August 2022 posted the mindboggling video on his verified Instagram page yesterday, December 9th, 2022.

In the video, DJ Khalid alongside Mike Tyson who converted to Islam while spending time in prison in 1992 and the boxer father in Mecca described it as a beautiful experience.

He, therefore, accompanied the video with the caption, “The second I walked in Mecca tears came down my eyes Tears of joy 🤲🏽 my whole life I wanted to go to MECCA 🕋 TO PRAY 🤲🏽 AND TO GIVE MY GRATITUDE TO ALLAH 🤲🏽 I prayed for the world for more love more life more more peace more joy more happiness more health and protection for all of us ! GOD IS THE GREATEST!!!!! It so beautiful we all ONE LOVE here 🤲🏽 GOD DID !!!!!!! Bless up my brother @miketyson.”

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